Making a First Impression When Selling Your Home

So it’s understandable that when prospective buyers come through your house, your home will be scrutinized like it’s never been before (well not since you bought it anyway!). Everyone knows you never get a second chance to make a first impression, so consider implementing the following cost-effective suggestions, before you welcome any potential buyers.

Consider the view that people see when they first drive up.

To ensure that you don’t send any potential buyers running down the driveway before they even see the house, make sure the exterior of the home is spotless. Paint or wash as necessary and don’t forget to mow the lawn and spruce up any outdoor greenery.

Upon entering your home, what will they see?

If you have a room that makes a statement when you walk in, perhaps the walls are painted a very bright colour or the style of furniture is eclectic, potential buyers may have a difficult time picturing their own stuff in the room. A fresh coat of paint in a neutral colour is an inexpensive but proven technique for increasing the appeal of any home. A clean, fresh smell makes a good impression. Try placing air fresheners in closets to eliminate musty smells. The smell of freshly baked bread also goes a long way. Don’t go overboard though – not everyone likes the strong scents of potpourri or incense. Of course, it goes without saying that clean and bright equals a sale. Scrub, clean, wash windows, walls, floors and tiles and shampoo dirty carpets – leaving no stone unturned.

Clean under sinks, repair any leaks and clean up any damage.

Use special cleaning agents to rid toilets, tubs and sinks of stains. If you have lots of stuff, it’s hard for potential buyers to see around it to see the room. Store any miscellaneous items, making sure to keep the garage, basement, attic and any closets tidy. This will make your house look more spacious and clean. Make repairs as necessary. If the baseboard around the cupboard is loose, for example, get out the hammer or glue and fasten it securely. Are the handles on the closet door wobbly? If so, get out the screwdriver and tighten them. Potential buyers don’t want to have to look after a bunch of little things when they move in and they may subconsciously be noting all the little repairs.

Playa Del Carmen Real Estate – Little Italy’s Condos and Lifestyle

Real estate in the area includes some of the best options in Playa del Carmen Condos, ideally located between Fifth Avenue and the beachfront, which include roof top patios with pools and ocean views. Some luxury level condos developments are currently available in the pre-construction phase starting as low as $250,000.

Those who buy condos in Little Italy will enjoy a uniquely tasteful design, not only in the condo development they are buying, but also in the area as a whole. The large number of Italian residents and business owners in the area have given the neighborhood a European style and elegance. The neighborhood also includes many stylish restaurants, not only Italian and Mexican, but also Argentenian, Lebanese and Thai, to give only a few examples. There are also cafes and many little shops, such as home decor stores and wine shops.

In addition to beachfront condos, buyers can find Playa del Carmen Homes in the surrounding areas, again only a short walk away from all the benefits of living near Fifth Avenue. The homes range from traditional Mexican style to modern, contemporary styles.

To complement the interesting lifestyle presented by the shops and restaurants of Fifth Avenue, the community also hosts a large number of Playa del Carmen’s annual events. Among the most famous is the Riviera Maya International Jazz Festival, which takes place directly on the beachfront, specifically on Mamitas Beach, which is about a 5 minute walk away. Several new programs include a live music festival with dancing; for any non-dancer, there will be dance classes as a part of the event. Every Thursday there is a display of local art, including photography, paintings and sculptures; at the end of April and early May 2010, the first anniversary and Earth Day will be celebrated through a special contest. Another new program is Family Sunday, which is an integrated project that combines tourism with education, fun, and family activities.

As is the case with many Playa del Carmen communities, buying real estate in Little Italy is much more than just owning a property; it’s a lifestyle that defines the comfort, relaxation you feel in your condo and in the surrounding neighborhood.