What to Look for in a Simultaneous Interpretation Service

When you choose which company to use for your interpretation services, you need to consider your attendees. Evaluate which languages your attendees require. For instance, if you are hosting an online international conference among five different nations, including your own, you will need up to four different interpreters – one for each nation represented. This may be a bigger expense for you, but the value of understanding is worth it for your company to succeed.

Once you find a simultaneous interpretation that offers all of the languages you need, you must evaluate the service they offer. If you mainly deal with international clients by telephone or video conference, your interpreter can often work from his own office rather than coming to you. This can cut down on costs. However, if you require in-person interpretations, you need to ensure that the company you choose offers these services. When contacting a company, it is also important to inquire whether they provide all of the needed equipment for interpretation in real time.

Experience is another important factor in choosing a company to perform simultaneous interpreting services. As you interview potential interpretation companies, ask for references and the amount of experience the company provides in the language you require. The more experience your interpreter has, the easier time he will have providing you with accurate interpretations in real time. It takes skill and practice for an interpreter to be able to listen in one language, translate in his head and speak the same idea in another language, while working on the next thought.

Choosing the best simultaneous interpretation company to meet your needs can take time, but is well worth the effort. You must find one that provides the languages your company requires, as well as the experience to provide you with the most accurate interpretations. When you must present important information regarding your business to an international audience, you must ensure that the information is presented in an accurate manner in every necessary language.